How to Effectively Dry a Wet Carpet?

If your carpet is currently wet, never waste the time you have now. Rather, you need to deal with the steps below to properly dry your carpet and keep the spread of mildew and moisture. Here are some tips you should take before the mildew, mold, and moisture and get your carpets properly dried by the?carpet cleaning CA?experts. Here are some of them: 

Eliminate the moisture? 

Preventing the water from flooding within the problem spaces is the most vital part to do first. You can easily do this by getting the water or moisture out of your carpet by eliminating it using a wet vacuum. Wet vacuums are the best tool to use to remove water from your carpet. They can easily be rented from your nearest home improvement store if you believe that you need to use a wet vacuum for one-time use. Plus, they are quite inexpensive as well. 

Create airflow 

Make sure to have as much airflow as you can especially in the wet area so that the moisture and odor from the room will be cleared out. Some of the things you can do include switching your fans on, opening your windows, and using a fan that’s directly facing on your floor to help everything be dry. The best items to use for this job would be high-powered fans. Although, if you just own traditional fans, then you can also use it because it’s better to have a bit of airflow than nothing at all. You may also use a dehumidifier to eliminate even more moisture from the surroundings.? 

Use baking soda 

Baking soda will work wonders in terms of removing and lifting trapped moisture. You just need to sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda on top of your wet carpet and let it sit for at least 12 hours. Then, you can vacuum the baking soda up and relish dry and fresh carpets. 

Examine your furniture 

If you’ve got fixture and furniture items within the room, try to detect whether the moisture has affected them. While you can eliminate, change, or dry some of these objects, there are furniture items that will need more special attention—such as upholstered furniture. Sadly, you may need your items that have extreme water damage to be disposed of.? 

Steam Clean 

You can eliminate any toxins and deodorize them at the same time by steaming your wet carpet. You can call an expert to assist you with this carpet service of doing it yourself. Steam has a sufficiently high temperature that can kill any toxins while removing them as the steam cleaner starts sucking up the dead mold spores.? 

Change carpet padding 

In several instances where your carpet has been saturated with water, there’s a high possibility that your carpet padding is already a goner. So, it’s important to consider replacing it to keep the main carpet from being soaked with mold overtime.? 

If you’ve got any problems with water damage to your carpet, it’s always best to contact the carpet experts right away.